Our mission statement

The purpose of the Montrose Soccer Club is to:

  • Promote soccer in the Yarra Ranges while catering for the social and competitive needs of our members.
  • Provide opportunities for all participants to develop to their full potential.
  • Ensure a safe and supportive environment to all our members.
  • Be inclusive of all and to be aware of the diversity of our community.
  • Play the game with spirit and in a fair and sporting way.

Our vision

Montrose Soccer Club will continue in its expansion and development of its facilities, while continuing the promotion of soccer in the area and providing the highest quality development for all players, officials and volunteers. The game will be played at all times in a sporting and fair manner.

Our values

Montrose Soccer Club is to promote a respectful and responsible culture amongst young people, and it being a safe, inclusive and accountable place for children, young people and women to come to. Soccer should be coached, played and supported at all levels of Montrose Soccer Club in a way which accords with the spirit of the game, encourages the broadest possible community and family participation, and embraces all who wish to be involved in a positive and encouraging environment.

Developmental aims and principles should take preference over competitive influences in relation to coaching and planning policies.

Our objectives

  1. To be a sought after destination in relation to player development, with benchmark measures in place at Montrose Soccer Club in all aspects of coaching and junior development, refereeing and club administration.
  2. Opportunities for all coaches, players, administrators and referees at the club to be able to develop to their potential.
  3. To continue to promote the positive culture and leadership that is present at Montrose Soccer Club.
  4. Keen to promote as a strong community value our stance on non-violent behaviour and positive role-modelling for young people.